About johnfoursixteen

As a father and husband I see the world differently than when I was young.  I was once entirely of the world until I sought forgiveness. I may have found the Lord, but that does not cease my natural desire to sin.

Today, I try to live a life running from sin, but it often catches up to me and for the most part I am nearly certain I have not given my entire heart to the Lord. There always seems to be a piece missing.  My mind is heavy at times and my heart empty.

This blog is a calling for me and one to call out sin in the world, and not the spec in someone else, but sometime the line blurs the person with the sin. However, I find it imperative that as a Christian that there is a common understanding amongst believers what is good, what is right and what is of God And what is of the world. It is often the world takes precedence.

We live in a world of sin as ever before and the wealth and opulence of American culture invites pride and lust. There’s also a blurring of values both traditional American values and biblical truths into a thing of the past.  For the sake of a culture searching for a lost moral compass I pray we may find the love of Christ and walk in his path.

God is Love. Love God as God Loves You with all your heart. Love your neighbor as thyself.  No other commandment is greater than these. -Mark 12:31


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