Peace through strength

A gun rights advocate and many gun owners believe firearms are a measure of security; personal security. A learned gun owner understands the responsibility, liability and laws of owning a firearm. To a Catholic such as myself it’s a pro-life issue; the defense of life. Anti-gun folks who wish all guns be banned and gun control advocates who lobby for erroneous restrictions and bans are alike in that they believe guns are the problem. If there is anything to blame for the atrocities and mass killings over the recent past it’s our own vigilance as a nation.

My prayers are with the families of Newtown, Connecticut. May God bless the children and the parents of such an awful tragedy. I pray that those lost to such senseless madness are forever living on in heaven with the full power and the glory of an everlasting life with our Father in Heaven.  May Christ heal the wounds of the sick and weary and bring peace to the grieving. May God reveal his Love for all in this time of reflection and may we address the issue of gun control sensibly and responsibly.  And please, God restore our faith, our trust and our strength in You. In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit may God be with us all.


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